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Product Information PRT64MFG

ISO/IEC 14443A/Mifare® outdoor reader/writer, bolted contacts, silicone keypad with laser engraved print and backlight, mountable directly in a 60 mm gang box.
-12VDC supply
-13.56 MHz Mifare cards
-Reads CSN, MSN or SSN number
-Programmable data output format
-Formats: Wiegand 26-66bit, Magstripe (Clock and data), RS232, RACS (Roger) and others
-Various ways of PIN and keypad codes transmission
-LED and Buzzer controlled through separate inputs
-Outdoor/indoor installation
-Mifare card programming (when operate under RARC freeware software)
-May operate as an offline standalone access controller
-Up to 120 indexed users with card and/or PIN (standalone mode)
-Authentication: Card and/or PIN
-Event log for 1024 transactions
-Built-in 1.5A/30V relay output (PRT64MF & PRT66MF readers only)
-Two NO/NC inputs
-Two 150mA transistor outputs
-Operation with XM-2 I/O extension module
-Possible connection of the external PRT series reader (two way door control)
-Programmed manually or from PC
-Free managing software (RARC)
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