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Key Management System CREONE

Key Management System

Key Management Systems allow an organised safekeeping of material assets, protected from manipulation and fraud of unauthorised users. We offer different types and sizes of depots, depending, amongst other things, on form, size and weight of the objects. Apart from the key modules, products range from key dispensers for key management or depot modules for the safekeeping of emergency operation schedules.
What all depots have in common is the modular platform which allows them to individually combine different depot variants within system. The systems can be adapted to changing needs in terms of quantity structure and distribution – there is no better investment security. As stnadard Key Management is equipping its depots with a central, mechanical emergency release which also guarantees access to the deposited objects in case of a breakdown in the power grid or data network. The modern design of the systems proves that security can even look smart. Safekeeping and housing are separated with regard to construction so that the installation of the systems can be carried out as a wall construction, a wall recessing or a free-standing system. We can also adjust the design to your CI requirements or architectural ambient conditions.

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