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Access Control System PSCS Company

PCSC since 1983 provides complete access control system for different branches of industry all over world. Combination of modern solutions, commitment in form of complete technical support and constant development of new technologies and products, places PCSC in worlds top companies, for which fast altering access control market needs are primary task.

PCSC's mission is to deliver precisely suited security systems in a way that user will be able to rely on systems functionality and reliability. It is not important if it is simple controller or vast system based on computer network and integrated with many proximity and biometric readers - PCSC company concentrates always on needs of their clients.

Thanks to complete offer, starting from single-door controllers and ending on open smart network systems that process few millions of users, PCSC company is able to provide even most complex access control system. Universality of PCSC's products is based on freedom in connecting and expanding systems without need of exchanging anything.


LINC-NET software is fully integrated package made for administrating access control system. There are available versions working in Windows 98/NT/2000 enviorment and can create local network (one work station), as well as wide. Principle of LINC-NET's functioning is easy - adapt to clients needs. Therefore even standard package allows realisation of simple, basic functions as well as advanced options, meaning cooperation with other alarm and CCTV systems and system's state graphic visualisation software. LINC-NET provides simultaneous servicing of various reader working formats. Using systems offered by PCSC company we can simultaneously use proximity and magnetic readers as well as biometric devices. LINC-NET accepts any communication formats (RS485, RS232, LAN, WAN) between controller and server.
Multilevel user authorisation system provides complete security in case of changes in system configuration, because of that controlling entire system is much easier. Supervising of every port and possibility of input 5 states detection guarantees high level of tamper protection.

User Programmable Logic function
Extremely interesting and rare function in similar solutions is freely programmable logic. It transforms input and output signals as defined by user. Simple example is turning of lights in room, after leaving of last person or blocking passageways to rooms where alarm was set off.


- Multiworkstation system architecture
- Multidevice communication system
- Supports up to 4000 readers
- Supports up to 65.000 users
- Multilevel passwords (98 levels)
- 365 holly days
- Automatic time change
- Supervised entry function
- Anti-passback
- Smart lift management
- 99.999 access groups
- 999 time zones
- Large data base (up to 40 fields per user)
- 2 periods of card validation
- 5 alarm states of supervised passageways s
- Full supervision of reader ports
- Network communication / RS232 / RS485 / LAN/WAN or modem
- "Open door" function
- Programmable logic that connects input states with output state
- Possibility of choosing reaction to duress
- Multilanguage


ALARM-VIEW is most advanced software for access control management. Together with LINC-NET software it allows to graphically control alarm and CCTV system. Graphical User Interface allows users to easily control cameras, dvrs and i.e. opening or closing doors, etc. Status of alarm points, inputs and outputs is displayed on graphical, transparent systems scheme. In case of systems state change, alarm will be shown by colour change on proper part of systems display, thanks to this information system operator will know where to direct cameras to identify intruder.


- Graphical User Interface
- Possibility of complete system control
- Full control over cameras and speeddomes
- Up to 64 workstations in one network
- Defining camera's presets
- Password


LINC-ID works with LINC-NET allows to design photo-etiquette. Thanks to prepared etiquette patterns even without any graphical abilities, user can print his companies logo on access cards. Printed inscription can consist of almost any symbol, pattern, letter, picture. All pictures are stored in software together with information about given user.


- Contains complete card overprint pattern modules
- Picture import from camera or scanner
- Supports standard magnetic and proximity cards
- Password
- Horizontal/vertical, double sided overprint according to access level groups
- Various font types and shapes in defined colours


IQ series controllers are smart access control system. Base product is IQ 200 model which supports 2 readers with possibility of expanding up to 6-10 readers (IQ600/IQ1000). IQ series is universal and enables user continuous system expansion by adding new modules.

Smart detection circuit notifies user about existing problem before false alarm is set off. Using digital signal processing allows using 5 state system.

IQ series works in RS485 bus standard. After using additional Ethernet card system is able to work in LAN, WAN networks (TCP/IP).

Flexibility of IQ series device configuration allows to cooperate with LINC-NET software, SIM and Ultimate series products. Thanks to software actualisation option without need of system rebuilding (Flash memory), easy system upgrades are possible, whenever needed.

IQ series products, thanks to their advantages found use in financial institutions, production facilities, cinemas, etc.


- Processor - Intel 16 bit
- Flash memory - 128 KB (max up to 256KB)
- RAM - 128 KB (max up to512 KB)
- Up to 20 000 users (max); 8 000 (standard)
- Bufor 4 000 events
- Up to 64 time zones
- 365 holly days
- LED communication: power, alarm, door status
- RS485/232 connection
- Baud rate - 1 200-38 400 bps
- Power supply: 12VDC/3A (optional 24V)
- Work temp. 0 oC +46 oC


SIM series controllers allow managing up to 32 supervised inputs and 4 relay outputs. Controller construction provides flexible system expansion with reader modules (supports 4 or 8 readers), inputs and outputs (16 unsupervised inputs or 16 unsupervised inputs and 16 outputs) and expanding memory up to 20000 users.

Using digital DSP technology allows automatic output state calibration. SIM series controller automatically adapts to cable size, alarm type and cable range. Detection circuit is so smart that it allows to inform system user about problem before false alarm is set off.

SIM series allows programming inputs as defined events or alarm points. Input data can be programmed according to time table, card validation or as other events.

Standard PCSC protocol thanks to special outputs enables easy integration of SIM products with existing access control system.


- 34 supervised 5 - state alarm inputs
- 4 realy outputs
- User defined alarm state (supervised or standard)
- Autocalibration input state
- Programmable outputs depending on input states
- Firmware upgrade (Flash memory)
- RS485/232 network communication
- Printer interface
- Expansion modules
- Full cooperation with controllers form IQ, Ultimate series


ULTIMATE series controllers are build on 32bit processor. Except basic advantages known from IQ and SIM series, Ultimate series offers fast network communication thanks to build in Ethernet card.

Controller is equipped with IDE joint, thanks to it device can use external hard drives, as expansion of internal memory, what leads to expanding data bases.

Used Flash memory enables remote updating of firmware through FTP server, eliminating costs connected with replacing memory. Standard number of users in system is 50.000 with further possibility of expansion up to 65.000.


- 4, 8 or 12 reader ports ULT 400, 800 and 1200
- Full cooperation with readers of IQ, Ultimate series
- Up to 50 000 users with possible expansion up to 65 000
- 12 000 events buffer
- Built-in Ethernet card


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