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Video transmission devices

Basic and simplest device that serves video signal processing is sequencer. It realizes display of image from many cameras (i.e. 4 or 8). Regarding the fact that it shows image from only one camera it is being used only in simple and low cost installations.

With use of quad we can simultaneously display all signals from connected cameras in 2x2 division form. Such devices are equipped in additional options like servicing alarm outputs, on screen display menu, real time clock. Keeping in mind signal processing methods we distinguish two types of quads, for color cameras and for black and white cameras. Ability to connect only 4 cameras dedicates those devices for small, few-camera systems.

Most advanced non archivising device is multiplexer. It enables handling of signals from 4,9 or 16 cameras. Advanced signal processing methods allow multi-format screen divisions, motion detection and possibility of working with multiple monitors. Additional alarm options connected with onscreen message display, turning on/off external devices (i.e. video recorders, strobes and sirens) enable control over entire system.

Videoserver is device which most probably will oust from market standard multiplexers. Its main function is processing standard, analog video signals into digital signals allowing transmission in every type of computer network. Each of videoservers is equipped with dedicated processor for image compression according to known algorithms (i.e. M-JPEG, MPEG4). Additionally it enables handling of alarm and steering inputs and outputs as well as remote configuration. Videoservers are usually equipped with webservers which provide remote access to devices with help of simple web browsers. In more advanced models producer provides software, that enables live display, archivisation and remote configuration.
Very interesting solution is specialized server software, that allows handling of multiple localizations (up to hundredths of cameras).

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