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Smoke, gas and other detectors

There is a group of detectors that are hard to qualify to any of categries mentioned earlier. Worth of mentioning are:
- Smoke detectors - completion of alarm system with fire detection functions
- Gas detectors
- Leakage detectors
Most numerous of mentioned detectors are smoke detectors. Although they are dedicated for fire safety systems, they are being used in alarm systems as well. Smoke detectors dedicated for fire safety system distinguish them selves from other detectors with 24VDC power supply and ionization phenomenon as detection technology.

Detection solutions allow to divide smoke detectors into:

- ionization smoke detectors - they react to products of burning that enter detectors ionization chamber; they are universal detectors, they detect all kinds of smoke (from smoldering objects to open fire, visible and invisible smoke); they can detect fire long before mass damage is done to protected object. They are used almost only in dedicated fire safety alarm systems because of high costs and problems with selling (usage of active substance with trace amount of radiation)
- optical smoke detectors - they react to products of burning that weaken or disperses the light in infrared spectrum range (amongst those deters most common are dispersion detectors); they are recommended for fire detection before fire starts (smoke from smoldering objects heavily disperses light)
- temperature detectors - they react to incensement of temperature in protected area. Used when limited visibility or dust rules out optical detectors.

Ways of temperature analysis divide smoke detectors into:

- constant temperature detectors - alarm is set in moment when temperature exceeds defined threshold temperature
- temperature incensement detectors - alarm is set in moment when temperature incensement in given period of time exceeds defined threshold value

In case of smoke detectors most common solutions are dual detectors with combined optical and thermal technologies of detection.
Ionization, optical and thermal smoke detectors belong to ceiling detectors group, they detect smoke in spots they were placed. Depending on producer and type they vary in ways of installation and ease of system conservation.
In case when using ceiling detectors is impossible or to expensive - large areas, antique ceilings etc. interesting solution is provided by photoelectric beam - smoke detectors. Detection technology in beam smoke detectors is same as in infrared beams used in alarm systems however the means of operation are opposite. Crossing the detection beams wont cause alarm to go of. However worsening of visibility conditions which in case of alarm system photoelectric beams are compensated will cause fire alarm to go of.

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